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Our Founder

Dr Alice Cline MSc, BSc (hons)

After graduating from Cardiff University with a BSc in Social Science, followed by the University of Bristol with a MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health, Alice knew that she wanted to carry on developing her understanding of children's physical activity. During her PhD, which she obtained from the University of the West of England and Hartpury University, Alice was able to conduct her own research which lead to the development of Busy Brain Breaks. 

Alice now uses the research and evidence that she generated as part of her academic career to help encourage more children to become physically active. Alice has promoted behaviour change at an individual-level, in addition to working in both local and national public health teams. She is a board member for Active Gloucestershire, a charity with physical activity at its core, and currently works for Public Health Wales, as a Senior Behavioural Science Specialist. 

Our Tech Partner

Dr Dan Condliffe

Dr. Daniel Condliffe is a mental health entrepreneur and former research scientist. He is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Paranimo, and has a background in neuroscience research. Paranimo is a mental health tech company founded in 2019 that aims to "empower everyone to care for anyone". He created the original prototype of the Paranimo software before moving to run the daily operations of the business.


Prior to this, he started his academic work in 2012 as a Research Technician at King's College London before doing a PhD in Neuroepigenomics at Queen Mary University of London. He has published work in Alzheimer's Disease research and Neuroepigenetic regulation of learning. 

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Our Head of Happiness

Hugo the Dog

Hugo graduated with Alice and received a 'dogtorate' degree. He now works hard to make sure the team stays entertained mainly by being naughty, demanding biscuits and having his tummy tickled. Hugo loves being active, he runs and runs on his walks and loves splashing in puddles. He wants to make sure everyone has just as much opportunity to be active as he does. 

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