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What is a Busy Brain Break?

A Busy Brain Break is a short bout of physical activity, designed to be completed right in the classroom, eliminating the need for additional equipment or outdoor space.


Our physical activity videos, accessed through our online platform, are a breath of fresh air for students and serve as an innovative solution for teachers who want to increase movement in the classroom, giving their children a chance for a short break. 

Busy Brain Breaks work to increase levels of physical activity and to develop movement skill ability. We have videos ranging from 2 to 5 minutes, all of which are evidence-based and have been designed to be quick, easy, and straightforward to deliver. Meaning they don't consume valuable teaching time and require little to no preparation.

Why Choose Us?

Effortless Integration

Seamlessly incorporate physical activity into the daily routine without disrupting the flow of lessons. The videos are designed to be quick, easy and straight-forward to implement.



Developed in collaboration with primary-school teachers, our breaks have been tried, tested, and loved by both children and teaching staff.


Health and Learning Benefits

Busy Brain Breaks aren't just about physical activity; they're about enhancing mental focus, concentration, and overall classroom engagement. We have videos including bodyweight exercises, but also yoga and mindfulness options too!

What's Included?


Experience the power of movement with Busy Brain Breaks – where a little activity goes a long way in shaping healthier, happier, and more focused learners.

We're in the process of developing our new online platform!

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